Jedd 4-Year-Old Male

Our Dog’s name is Jedd, he just turned 4 in March. Jedd is an Intact Male Dog. Jedd is fully up to date on all vaccines, with no medical issues. AKC German Shepherd has papers. Jedd is house trained.  Jedd is great with most dogs unless they possess a dominant demeanor. However he does have a thing for labs of all sorts, he mostly acts as though they are all dominant and shows dominance immediately most of the time. Not to say he is going to attack them. He is just a very dominant dog. Jedd love’s to play with husky’s of all families, german shepherds, and in general high energy dogs medium to large. Bigger dogs he may get along with he may not, it really depends on how dominant they are. Jedd typically will not bow away from another dominant dog, even if they are bigger. Jedd is an alpha dog but he loves to learn and feel loved to the fullest. Jedd is fine on a leash but the first 5 minutes he forgets how to walk on one Jedd is a very strong German Shepherd.  As for getting along with cats, we don’t really know. He has tried to chase stray cats before and a family friend watched him for us, they told us it took him a couple of days to adjust to being around their house cat. Jedd is great with kids of all ages but doesn’t like to be mauled/climbed on by them if they are in the toddler stage. He is great with all adults. We have not encountered any bite issues or problems from him with people or other dogs besides showing he is an alpha to other dominant dogs when he feels the need to in which we correct. Unfortunately, Jedd has very high separation anxiety. Jedd does crate but in an indestructible one like the commercial graded heavy duty crates. He will get out of the normal metal two or three-door one you can find at PetCo or any other pet store. If Jedd is left alone he will become destructive in the environment around him and for him, he will try his hardest to find his way out until he is successful. If Jedd is left home with an adult or teen he will be fine.

Jedd has always had someone home with him.  Jedd needs continued training with a direction.  Jedd has been trained to stay off any furniture, he is used to having a couple of beds around the house that are his “spot”. When he has a bad moment or over-anxious he has been trained to his spot, where he can take a cool down until he is ready to introduce himself back into his surrounding environment. Jedd has a strong will for security work / maybe police work or even tracking work. Jedd is a very intelligent dog and he knows he can do more.