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We are a German Shepherd rescue in the wonderful Finger Lakes region of New York. If you are looking to adopt or have a need for a rescue please contact us at admin@gsrfingerlakes.org

The German Shepherd breed has a variety of colors such as white, grey, red & black, black & silver, black & tan, and of course brown & black.

The U.S. military uses German Shepherds because of their athleticism, loyalty, and intelligence


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Benjamin, a handsome 7-month-old, neutered, UTD on vaxxies. He’s a high-energy pup, only powering down for the occasional midday nap, and bedtime around 9-10 pm. He loves to play and cause a ruckus 😆 He does well with crate training. He is also very food & treats motivated, so reward-based training would do him well. He is a submissive/excited pee puppy, meaning greetings, waiting at the door for outside time, letting him out of the crate in the morning, meeting new people, etc could spring a small leak on the floor. We manage this by taking many pee breaks throughout the day, interacting with him in a calm manner, and drawing his focus to treats. He will grow out of it as he gains confidence. Benny has shown a skin allergy to chicken/beef-based kibble (it causes itchiness) but does fine with salmon / lamb-based kibble.

Benny would do well with an experienced shepherd owner, who has the time to continue his basic obedience training as well as socialization. He would also do well with other dogs to play with & learn from. He has begun to show signs of fear-based reactivity towards new people & children. At his age, it is important to socialize him often and we don’t have children or many visitors here at the rescue. If you are a confident, experienced leader Benny could be a great companion for you, he’s intelligent & motivated, only needing the right guidance.

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