Our Story:

We are located in the town of Otisco within the Finger Lakes region of New York. Our organization assists in finding homes for German Shepherds that have been surrendered or abandoned for one reason or another.

Our Mission:  Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Re-home Surrendered and Abandoned German Shepherd Dogs.

Rescue is run fully by volunteers | Founded November 19th, 2020 | P.O. Box 749 Lafayette, NY 13084

About the Breed:

German Shepherd Dogs are smart, confident, loyal and active.
  • Can train in activities like: tracking, herding, and agility.
  • They are part of the herding group classification.
  • They typically need an active family, room to run, and lots of love.
German Shepherds have a double coat, a dense outer coat, and a softer undercoat. They require brushing every few days and blow their coats once or twicw a year. They are lovinly called “German Shedders”.