Esau + Iko – Bonded Pair

A bonded pair is available for adoption. These two are NOT at the rescue. Contact us if you are interested, and we will put you in touch with the owner. A description from the owner is below. These two should be adopted to a household without children.

“Esau and Iko: These dogs are a bonded sibling pair of rescues from Georgia. Esau is a neutered red and brown brindle male. Iko is a tan and black brindle spayed female. We’ve had them for almost one year and they were approximately one year old when we rescued them. All veterinary requirements are current and they have been under the care of an excellent veterinarian in Madison County. They are both chipped and crate trained. They definitely love to be outside and do play well with other dogs. They are comfortable around cats and show no aggression towards them. In fact, they are both somewhat intimidated by our cats.
Recently, the male, Esau, reacted to play with our son and nipped his face. I witnessed the bite and I can tell you it was not aggressive, rather it was “leave me alone”. Coupled with our daughters’ allergies, we have made the heartbreaking decision to re-home them. This is the best decision for the dogs’ quality of life and for our family.

We are animal lovers and do not plan to drop them off at a local shelter – they deserve much better than that. We’d love to see them find a forever home together as they are significantly bonded. They don’t spend more than a minute or two apart, all day, every day.”